Divinity-X is an expansive unique all-GM roleplaying server running on Cataclysm 4.0.6a.

Providing players with a number of creative custom commands, combined with the use of our phase system, we enable players to be as creative as they possibly can be in their own little version of the world. Thousands of custom items, objects and spells plus a little bit of imagination allow players to unlock the client and be whatever they want to be. The sky is the limit as far as Divinity-X is concerned!

Latest News

New Donor+ Guidelines
Donor+ guidelines are in the process of being edited. Here's the general idea.

[Shiny Title] Donor+ Common Sense 101 [/Shiny Title]

If it breaks the rules, it's not allowed.
Simple as that. Donor+ are authorized to assist in the enforcement of rules in the event that a staff member is unavailable (either not logged in or not actively paying attention).

Donor+ must defer to Staff at all times.
In the event that a staff ... 

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Posted by: Kaiyne Illdion | 26th July 2014

Donation Quota for July has been reached!
Thanks to contributions from individuals within the community we have met the donation cap for the month of July within the first two weeks!

On behalf of the team, we would like to give special thanks to those who have donated in the past couple of weeks and also thank those who have donated in the past, and those who intend to in the future.

Those who cannot donate, please know that voting is just as an important part of supporting the server, so keep it up, we're #10 on TopG at the ... 

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Posted by: Divinity-X Staff | 12th July 2014

2014 Rule & Naming Policy Update
Due to the age and nature of the the previous server rules, we felt it was necessary to update them and ensure they are clear and concise. 

Please ensure you are up to date with these new rules, as there are some major changes. The rules go into affect as of this post and the staff will be enforcing them as usual. Please note there are currently no changes to the Donor+ guidelines, however we may update them in the future.

In addition to this, we have also updated the ... 

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Posted by: Everon | 5th July 2014